Application to organise events during #gbgtechweek 2019.

Great that you are interested in organising one or more event during #gbgtechweek 2019.

#gbgtechweek is an event week consisting of around 25 events every year. The crew that organise #gbgtechweek don't organise any events themselves, but keep the week together.

The quality of the week is to a large degree depending on that the events are well-planned, well-organised, and well-communicated. We can assist you to discuss ideas and find a spot where your organisation and your event fits in. However, it is you that are responsible for delivering a high quality event.

It's not the number of attending people that makes an event great, but the content and that the content is relevant to the people attending (meaning that the communication must also be great).

The most important thing is that you have a clear idea why you organise an event and a great plan for how you reach that in the best way possible, both for yourself but also for #gbgtechweek.

Example: Your goal might be to find new developers to recruit. Then it's not a very good idea to just invite to some mingle with beer. However, if you have a skilled developer talking about a topic that educate the audience you might catch their interest.

Another tricky thing during #gbgtechweek is that the majority of the events is during day time, when people are either working or studying. Your event should deliver such good and relevant content that people can take two to three hours of their day to attend, and get back to their normal work/studies and feel that they've learned new things. If the participants don't get that, they will feel that #gbgtechweek and your event was a waste of time, meaning that they will most likely not attend more events.

Keep those things in mind!

Rules from 2018 (some might change, some will be kept):
- All events must be held in English
- All events must be free of charge
- In both communication before the event, and during the event, it should be super clear for all attendees that the event is a part of #gbgtechweek
- All emails from #gbgtechweek must be read and responded to if required

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