Questionnaire for the Smart Film THE FUTURE IS NOT UNWRITTEN.

THE FUTURE IS NOT UNWRITTEN is a Smart Film about Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. An open-ended narrative, which evolves endlessly using machine-learning code. Continuous protagonist: a female avatar, who is adressing the audience with questions about the future of mankind and human existence. 
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What is the next evolutionary stage of the individual?
How will people spend their average days in 50 years?
At what stage is a human a machine?
At what stage is a machine a human?
To what extent can one speak of the advancement of human kind? Or do we need to speak of the creation of a new human being?
Why is it assumed that AI would act rather morally badly than morally?
What is the potential for you regarding artificial intelligence?
Why are many people afraid of artificial intelligence?
Will there be love between artificial intelligences?
Can you imagine loving an artificial intelligence?
Why do you believe in artificial intelligence? What fascinates you about artificial intelligence?
Which parts of your personality / your human existence would you like to transfer to AI / an avatar?
What does artificial intelligence mean to you?
You are actively involved in the development of AI. What kind of responsibility do you feel?
What would be your version of a perfect transhumanist being?
How will this whole story end?
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