Next Stop Broadway Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation's new Next Stop Broadway program! While financial need will not be the sole determining factor, it is the goal of the Committee to award twenty scholarships to students interested in the performing arts who could not otherwise be able to attend Next Stop Broadway.

Information will be held in the strictest confidence and only shared with the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Please submit this application no later than April 5, 2020
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Please tell us about yourself and use these questions as a guide to describe your interest in the performing arts and why you would like to attend Next Stop Broadway.
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Do you play an instrument or participate in a vocal group or choir? *
Have you been involved with any school plays or community theatre? *
There are career opportunities in the performing arts both onstage and behind the scenes. What specific opportunities interest you? *
What is your favorite musical and why? *
When did you become interest in performing and why? *
Please tell us what you hope to gain from your Next Stop Broadway experience. *
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