2019 Respect Life Grant - Bus Application
Each grant allocation is allocated by reimbursement to the parish to cover 33% of the final invoice for direct costs of each charter bus, with up to $700 in reimbursement available per bus. Gratuity, meals, or lodging for the bus driver are not be included in the reimbursement. It is expected that the parish contribute at least 33% of the cost of the bus, with participants paying no more than 33% of the cost per person.
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The pastor's approval is required before any grant can be approved. By selecting the check box next to the statement at the end of this section, we understand that the party responsible for submitting this application has obtained approval of said pastor.
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The "contact person" is the one primarily responsible for organizing the bus on behalf of the parish(es). If the pastor is fulfilling this role, then simply enter "n/a" in each of the following three spaces.
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Supply each piece of information below. Once the official bus quote or invoice is received either via email, fax, or mail we will issue initial approval via email both to the pastor and contact person according to information supplied above, and follow up with an official letter to each.
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(NOTE: applications will not be officially approved until a quote is received | If you have any issues with uploading your bus quote(s), please contact the Center for Marriage, Family and Life at 804-622-5109 or cmfl@richmonddiocese.org)
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