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Your resume will be emailed to you in this format. You should always be adding to your resume. Fill in any gaps you can see (or remove the heading), edit your spelling, and keep adding new experiences!
This is the heading for your resume. Your name will be big and bold and your email and phone number will be right on the top of the page. We ask for your Student ID number for record keeping only, it will not be on your resume. IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY A STUDENT USE 123456 AS THE STUDENT ID NUMBER. All submissions will be visible to the School to Career program and current student resumes will be shared with the High School indicated. Please be aware that this is not intended to be a secure system.

Choose your email address to be "work appropriate" and be sure to check it often when you are using it to look for work or when applying for colleges or scholarships. Your outgoing message on your voicemail should clearly state your name and politely ask the caller to leave a message.
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The answers you provide here will be moved on to the resume that will be emailed to you. Once you have received the resume it belongs to you. You will be able to edit it and change the formatting if you like. Please be sure to check your spelling, grammar, and capitalization.

Use action words to make your activities sound exciting, and don't be afraid to brag!
This is a great place to start for a student resume - it's your number one full-time job - be proud!

List the classes that make you stand out. AP/IB or advanced classes, language classes, skills classes like metal shop, web design, art, early-childhood, auto tech, engineering etc. are all interesting and make you a unique candidate.
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Are you multi-lingual? What languages do you know and how well? What computer programs can you use and how well? Do you know how to repair cars? Do you know how to weld? Do you have a food handler's license? Are you CPR certified?
Start with any "stand-alone" awards and describe them. Then list your clubs, sports, plays, music groups, church groups, etc. and then describe your leadership positions, the tasks or responsibilities that you do in the group, and any awards or recognition that you have recieved.

If you need more space you can add things when you are editing later.
1st Activity or Award Name:
1st Description of what you do:
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Starting with your most recent position, list the employer or organization, your job title, and the timing of the experience. Then describe the things that you were responsible for doing. Use action words and don't be afraid to brag!
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