ocTEL Mid Course Experiences Survey

As we reach the midpoint of ocTEL we are interested in your experiences to date and plan to use your feedback to help us tailor the remaining weeks of the course. The questionnaire is designed to be short and should take you only 4 minutes to complete.

All data gathered will be held in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act and the ALT Privacy Policy at http://www.alt.ac.uk/privacy-policy . Results will be shared with the ocTEL team and findings may also be disseminated via blog posts, presentations, journals or conference papers.

If you have questions or concerns about this study please contact Martin Hawksey ALT (martin.hawksey@alt.ac.uk).

By completing this questionnaire, it is inferred that you consent to your data being used as described above.
About you
What is your main professional role?
Clear selection
Which sector(s) do you work in, or mainly work in?
Your participation in ocTEL so far
How would you describe your participation in ocTEL so far?
Clear selection
To what extent has ocTEL met your expectations so far in terms of helping you to...
Fallen long way short
Fallen some way short
Met or slightly exceeded expectations
Greatly exceeded expectations
Not Applicable 
Network with peers.
Experience a MOOC
Use social media to support your learning.
Learn about a particular TEL topic.
Answer your 'big question'.
Clear selection
Which of the following best describes how you engaged with ocTEL?
I haven’t engaged in this way so far
For some of the course so far
For most of the course so far
Throughout the course so far.
Not Applicable 
Read course materials.
Joined the webinars.
Carried out some/all activities.
Shared my thoughts on the forums or jiscmail list.
Shared my thoughts on my blog.
Commented on other learners' contributions.
Read the ocTEL newsletter.
Clear selection
Which community spaces have you found most engaging/rewarding
This may include external spaces you've found such as Twitter, Google+, Yammer etc
To what extent did the following influence your level of engagement?
A lack of this meant I engaged less
No influence
This helped me to engage more
Tutor support.
Peer support.
Time available.
Prior experience of learning in MOOCs.
Being a self-directed learner.
Digital Badges
Clear selection
Did you have any experience of earning digital badges before ocTEL?
Clear selection
Have you any experience of issuing digital badges?
Clear selection
What feedback would you offer the team in terms of helping participants to engage with the the remainder of the course?
If you have any other comments, please tell us in the box below.
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