Career-Fitness™ Assessment
A thriving career is one of the foundations of a thriving life. We spend so much time at work – let's take a moment to pause to assess where we are. If you’re starting a fitness plan, you’ll look at fitness goals and actions to get there; when it comes to career planning, it’s no different.

Answer these questions to see how “fit” you are in your Career-Fitness™  – Look out for the reflection questions at the end too!  

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Age *
I understand what my needs, strengths, skills, interests, passions, values, ideals are. *
I am clear of what my short term (~1-2 years) and long term career goals are (>3-5 years). *
I have a strategy on how to reach my career goals. *
I can articulate my transferable skills. *
I know/ I can find out what jobs and skills are in demand now. *
I am investing time learning hard and soft skills that are in demand now. *
I know which other roles and/or industries I can possibly pivot to. *
I actively maintain and extend my professional network. *
I regularly update my LinkedIn profile/ resume / list of work achievements. *
I regularly curate and update my personal brand. *
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