Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics 2016 - Quiz #3
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco's lecture-series, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Doctoral School - Amiens, France
Your name and your current "state" of mind today? *
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All right...Explain in few words why the anthropic principle determines that you will do a successful PhD. *
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What is a "Brusselator"? *
All the holistic systems can show chaotic behavior. *
So, a living system can show chaotic behavior. *
In the "Game of Life" one can define rules to obtain chaotic behavior. *
Let's talk now about Cosmology. According to some physical theories, a Black Hole can create a new Universe. *
OK, so in Lecture 4, let's travel to the centre of a Black Hole to see what happens. *
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