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Welcome to GLOBAL REAP, School of Discipleship, a partnership between Global University and REAP International (Roever Educational Assistance Programs International.)
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I authorize GLOBAL REAP, Roever Educational Assistance Programs (REAP International), my Registrar and Certified Instructor to view my Global University academic records. I authorize Global University to release my academic information from my official student record which is kept with Global University in Springfield, Missouri, until I contact GLOBAL REAP and withdraw this authorization in writing.
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Program/Academic Clarification
I understand that ministerial credentials are not issued by Global University or GLOBAL REAP.

I understand that the Christian Life Series and the Christian Service Series offered by GLOBAL REAP through Global University are non-degree courses, which are calculated in Continuing Education Units (CEUs), not college credits and that it is my responsibility to verify the applicability of SED courses toward my educational Goals.

I understand that my completion of this study program does not guarantee my acceptance for any position by any church organization.

I agree to adhere to the standards and policies published in the SED catalog.
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