UofT Tuition Consultation Survey
We're surveying students at UofT to understand how tuition prices have affected your life and your academic decisions. This survey is open to all students UofT. This survey is being collected in partnership of the CSSU, BCBSU, ASSU, and UTSU, as part of a larger advocacy initiative for equitable tuition across programs at UofT.

Please note: This survey is for all UofT Students, in particular all students in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Regardless of your program, it would be very helpful if you complete this 2 minute survey!

If you have any questions about this survey, please email cssu@utoronto.ca

This survey is completely anonymous, the answers will be further anonymized by grouping based on the answers. No identifying information is needed to complete this survey. Your email will not be tracked in completing this survey.
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Are you a student at the University of Toronto? *
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Students in Computer Science/Data Science/Bioinformatics pay higher fees than others in the Faculty of Arts and Science. To what degree did these fees affect your decision to study or not to study Computer Science/Data Science/Bioinformatics? *
Did not affect my decision
Very much affected my decision
To what degree have program fees influenced your decision to continue or change out of your program (currently or in the past)?
Does/Did not influence my decision
Very much influences/influenced my decision
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To what degree have your tuition fees negatively affected your mental health?
Not affected at all
Very negatively affected
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To what degree do you feel pressured to take on additional part-time employment or to compete for internships, *as a result of the tuition fees you pay*?
Not pressured at all
Extremely pressued
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Please indicate how much this sentence applies to you: "I feel/felt greater pressure to compete for marks and jobs as a result of my tuition fees. "
Does not apply
Very much applies
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If you're in Computer Science, Data Science, or Bioinformatics, please describe how, if at all, higher tuition fees have affected your mental health?
If you're in Computer Science, Data Science, or Bioinformatics, please describe how, if at all, the higher tuition fees have affected you? Please feel free to touch on any aspect of your life, from financial pressure, to mental health, social life, professional development, or anything else. Your answers will inform the CSSU's advocacy on this issue but will remain confidential, unless you consent to us sharing your response.
Would you like your qualitative comments (from the above question) to remain private, or do you grant us permission to share them when describing the impact of higher tuition on students? *
Did you work (part-time or full-time) while taking courses for your program? *
Did you consider accepting a different program because it has lower tuition cost? *
What is your annual household income (estimate to the best of your ability) *
How many people live in your household? *
How many students in your family household are currently attending post-secondary education? *
Please let us know anything else (good or bad) related to your experience with higher fees program
Would you like us to follow up with you about your experience? If so, please enter your email.
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