2018 Media Mash Awards Entry Form
Congratulations for entering your media for this year's Awards Evening! Please fill in all the required information and email us if you have any questions. All the best! One entry per form. Please name the children in the group - not the class unless it is a class entry.
Teacher's Name *
School *
Teacher's email address *
Category *
Year Group *
Room Number / Group Name *
Project Title *
Youtube url (if entering a movie)
Project Explanation
Please note, this section of the entry is worth 20 - 25% of marks when being judged.
Learning Intentions (Aim for 100 words)
Please write an explanation of the learning intentions for this project
Process for the Project (Aim for 100 words)
Please write an explanation of the process of the project. How did the project come together, what learning occurred, and who did what? This gives the judges a much better understanding of why you made the movie / image
Parental Permission *
By submitting a project to Media Mash, you consent to the project being placed on the Media Mash website and used for publicising Media Mash and its aims. If you attend the awards night your image may also be used on the website or for advertising of future events. It is expected that SCHOOLS will have followed a process for gaining parental permission for the use of student work and images of the students. Media Mash accepts NO responsibility for this.
Suitability *
All projects should be of a general rating. Media Mash reserves the right to reject any project deemed inappropriate for primary aged children.
Copyright *
Projects must meet all copyright standards by obtaining releases for all copyrighted materials prior to submission, or working within the legal purposes for using copyrighted material. Entrants warrant that their entries (and any material comprising their entries, including, but not limited to, any clip) do not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any person. Entrants will fully indemnify Media Mash against any loss, costs, expenses, demands or liability, whether direct or indirect, arising out of a claim by a third party or another party.
Teacher - Student Involvement
Please refer to the Teacher - Student Involvement Criteria in the criteria section of the MediaMash Website for guidance.
Topic Choice *
Minimal Teacher Guidance
Teacher Directed
Script / Design Process *
Minimal Teacher Guidance
Teacher Directed
Production / Filming *
Minimal Teacher Guidance
Teacher Directed
Editing / Finalising *
Minimal Teacher Guidance
Teacher Directed
Overall Student Involvement *
Minimal Teacher Guidance
Teacher Directed
If you do not have a youtube link you may upload your file here or share it to the media mash google drive.
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