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By filling out this form, you are requesting information on a possible commissioned artwork. You are not required to purchase said artwork once the quote has been sent back to you. This is for informational purposes only.

General information: commissions are priced in one of two ways. By size ($2 per square inch), or by time ($20 per hour). When I respond to your request, any additional fees will be listed for you.

What type of commission are you interested in? *
If you want traditional art, you'll get to choose the medium later!
If you want a traditional artwork, what medium(s) would you like it to be in?
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Check what applies to what you're looking for. If looking for multiple characters, please use the "other" section to say how many characters you are interested in me working on for you.
How large of a piece are you looking for? *
larger sizes are only available upon request.
Is there a deadline for this artwork?
As in: do you need this by a specific time, like for gifts or events?
Please describe as detailed as possible what it is you are looking for in the artwork. *
Primarily what I would like to know is posing, expression, and mood of the piece you're looking for. If you have references, this is where you can link them! If you have color ideas for clothing this is also where you would describe that or reference it!
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If I have further questions, this is when I will ask them!
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In order for me to agree to a commission request, you must be at least 18 years old, or have parental consent, with a valid paypal account.
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