Westeroscraft Contest/Events Survey
If you haven't entered a Server Contest recently (E.g. Halloween 2020/Ships/Scene Recreation/Screenshots) do any of the following apply to you?
What prizes are most appealing to you. Please rank these prizes in order of how much they would motivate you to enter a contest.
Captionless Image
Free Westeroscraft Merchandise
Amazon Gift Voucher
Forum Trophy
Special In-Game Title Color
Bragging Rights
Name on the Golden GRRM Trophy
I don't need a prize
Clear selection
Do you have ideas for other prizes we could offer
Do you prefer broad contest themes (e.g. Science & Magic, Immersion) or more narrow/specific (e.g. Ships, the Stepstones)
Clear selection
Would you be interested in any of the following themes for a Mid-Year 2021 Building Contest?
Would you prefer we change the contest format (e.g. multiple entries, more team focused, no prizes, more guidelines, longer time to build)
Would you be interested in any of the following community events (feel free to suggest your own as well)
Should we prioritize smaller community events like those listed above over big building contests?
Clear selection
If we held regular events, how often would you participate
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