Regina Farmers' Market Feedback Form
Thank you for taking the time to contribute your feedback to the Regina Farmers’ Market Co-operative (RFM)! We value all feedback, and the RFM’s staff and Board of Directors review it on a regular basis with the goal of making continuous improvements to our organization.

The RFM is a non-profit co-operative that values accountability, professionalism, customer focus, commitment, and open and co-operative communication. We are an incredibly diverse community, with customers and vendors coming from all backgrounds and walks of life. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. It is expected that all contact between co-workers, the public, vendors, and others be respectful, professional and courteous at all times, and that we work together in a spirit of co-operation.

When submitting this form, we ask you to include your name and contact information so that we can be in touch for additional information and clarification as needed, as well as to follow up with you about any actions taken as a result of your feedback. Having name and contact information is the best way for the RFM to 1) ensure the authenticity of the feedback we receive; 2) follow up and address the feedback appropriately; and 3) nurture accountability within our organization.

Please note that if your feedback relates to activity of a criminal nature, the RFM may be obligated to report it to the relevant authorities.

The RFM’s complete Feedback Policy can be viewed at

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Contact phone number and/or email address
Relationship to the Regina Farmers' Market
What is the experience you had at the RFM that you would like to share?
Please be as specific as possible and include the names of businesses or individuals if applicable.
When did this take place?
A specific date is helpful, if possible.
In the case of positive feedback, how would you like to see us build on or celebrate this success? What further improvement would you like to see us make?
In the case of critical feedback, what (if any) steps have you already taken to address this issue with the person/business involved?
In the case of critical feedback, how would you like to see us address this issue and resolve the problem?
If you simply have a suggestion for us to consider, please share it here.
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