Amrita Jayanti Homa & Guru Paduka Mantra Japam
Sri Matre Namaha. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

September 26th, the day our beloved Guruji was born! Every year we celebrate Amrita Jayanti Homam at Devipuram having a number of disciples from all over the world contributing to the Guru paduka mantra japa.

Wouldn't it be nice to have Amrita Jayanti Homas conducted all over the world, wherever disciples are, on Sep 26th simultaneously with the Homa at Devipuram!! You can join together in a mutually convenient place and perform the samuhika homa. Much more powerful!!

Those who are not able to conduct a homa at their place can send their Guru Paduka mantra japa count to Devipuram like every year!!

We look forward to your active participation in this endeavour to spread the ripples of the unconditional love of Guruji all over the world.

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