URSCA Course Redesign Grant - Chair Acknowledgement

The URSCA Course Redesign grant provides funding for faculty and instructional academic staff members interested in enhancing a significant portion of a current course to incorporate an undergraduate research component. Applicants should clearly identify a significant teaching or student learning challenge that currently exists in a course, and that can be addressed with the infusion of an undergraduate research project or component. A detailed plan for redesigning the course to address the issue with a clear description of the undergraduate research project should be included. Where appropriate, proposals that emphasize collaborative and/or multi-disciplinary research projects as well as individual investigations are encouraged. We also encourage applications that feature undergraduate courses at all levels, from introductory first-year courses through senior seminars and capstones.

Ten applications will be funded for the 2013-2014 academic year. Participants will receive $1000 for the course that is being redesigned. Funding is provided on submission of 1) a redesigned or updated syllabus and associated course documents and 2) a submitted statement from the department chair indicating departmental approval and intention to include the revised course in a regular or semi-regular rotation.

The URSCA Course Redesign grant is funded by Falcon Promise funds dedicated to enhancing campus URSCA. Please be advised that by accepting this funding your updated syllabus may be made available to interested parties within the UWRF community.

Who Can Participate?
To participate in the URSCA Course Redesign, a course must be part of the regular curriculum. Applicants are welcome from Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff from all colleges and disciplines. Note that Faculty and IAS who will be inheriting an existing course are also welcome to apply; all proposals must have the approval of the appropriate department chair. Faculty and IAS may submit one proposal for consideration per year.

Applications should be submitted online by Wednesday, March 26, 2014. (Note this is an extended submission deadline from the date previously announced).

Application Review
The URSCA Council will review all applications. Applications will be evaluated on 1) the strength of the redesign focus: to create a high- impact learning environment by connecting key concepts and questions with students’ early and active involvement in systematic investigation and research, 2) the sustainability of the undergraduate research agenda across future course iterations, and 3) the total anticipated impact on student learning.

Applications addressing elements of the Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) initiative are preferred. Go to http:www.aacu.org/leap for more information on the LEAP initiative.

Questions about the URSCA Course Redesign grant opportunity?
If you are interested in participating in the URSCA Course Redesign, but have questions, please email the URSCA Director, Lissa Schneider-Rebozo, Ph.D. at Elizabeth.schneider-rebozo@uwrf.edu.

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