Digital Learning Asset Framework Participation Agreement form
Thanks in advance for your help making the world of L&D a better place! This is a form is simply a way of saying "I'm in!" and providing your contact info (which will not be shared).

If you have any remaining questions about the overall effort or format, please email them to

By adding your name & email below, you agree to the following:

- I hereby declare myself an equal and voluntary participant in the effort to define a Digital Learning Asset Framework for the benefit of the global Learning & Development community.

- I signify my intent to endorse to the resulting work, though I reserve the right make my actual endorsement based on my approval of the final work. My name and likeness will not be used outside of this collective without my express permission at any time.

- I will refrain from sharing this work, in whole or in part, in advance of the public release on September 17th, 2018. I will also respect as private any Intellectual Property that is not shared as part of the public release.

- I acknowledge that the resulting work will be made available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License, and that any Intellectual Property contained in the final work will be irrevocably governed by that license.

- I agree to contribute 15-minutes per week to this effort through September. I understand that while attending/replaying each of the four monthly 30-60 minute meetings is entirely optional, I will do my best to participate in these as well.

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