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STEM is FEM is a charitable social project aimed at motivating girls to choose tech-related careers.

We have three main goals:
➧ challenging gender stereotypes,
➧ increasing the number of young people in tech-related professions,
➧ establishing a community of successful women who support each other.
To achieve this, every two months we conduct educational modules on various STEM areas (from space technology to agro-industry). Apart from this, in between the modules, we provide a variety of educational activities that may be interesting for the participants of our project (from a tour to a ministry to a workshop on how to write an essay or lecture on overcoming domestic violence). Once a month, there is also a meeting of LitMINT, the literary club of our project featuring scientific experts invited according to the meeting topic.  

Our audience: high school girls. Most of our participants are 14-17 years old, the youngest participant was 11. Our additional activities are joined by a large number of adult participants as well.
Our topics are limited solely by the interests of our audience and we focus on them whenever planning our events.
All our events are widely covered in the media.
All the speakers of our modules are listed in a special section on our website. Articles, radio programs, and videos about STEM is FEM events are published on the project resources, are covered by our media partners, and are sent to a wide range of media resources. In the media content, we mention the names and positions of our speakers and provide their quotes regarding the main topic.

A person who would like to take part in our events can choose such roles:

       ◉ Industry speaker of the module. If you work in a STEM field and are ready to share your experience with girls, we will be happy to invite you to a question-and-answer session with industry specialists during a module with a topic related to your industry. An industry speaker’s performance usually includes a short story about her professional experience and education, what her profession involves and deals with, what are the pros and cons of working in this particular area, and what is interesting there that can attract new specialists. And, of course, it includes answering the girls' questions. Total time: 30 minutes.

       ◉ Educational speaker of the module. If you are a specialist in a STEM field and are ready to prepare for the event a bit more thoroughly and longer, we will be happy to invite you for giving a lecture or holding a workshop during a module with a topic related to your industry. Usually, the duration of such educational activities is one hour. A topic of your performance is usually quite specific and depends on the topic of the module and your personal preferences.

       ◉ Module consultant. If you are a specialist in a STEM field but would rather avoid public appearance, you can help us prepare the module: developing competition tasks, structuring content, finding specialists, etc.

       ◉ Speaker of an additional event. If your area of ​​interest lies beyond STEM-related topics but you want to share interesting information and skills with the girls anyway, we will be happy to plan an additional event on a particular topic. We discuss the topics and the venue format personally in each case with great flexibility.
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