AASIB's Awesome Week-Long Scavenger Hunt Registration Form
Join AASIB for our inaugural Week-Long Scavenger Hunt! (Pronounced AWL-SH!) Please register below to participate. Deadline to register is Saturday, April 21st.

Duration: Week 4, Sunday, April 22- Sunday, April 29
End time: 11:59PM, April 29th
Place: Worldwide (but mostly on campus)

Time Limit:
1 week

Rack up as many points as you can by completing activities and saving photo and video proofs.

1st Place: Paid DINNER + photo with AASIB Core
2nd Place: Massive Gift Basket (est. value $50)
3rd Place: Uh-oh Midterms-are-coming Goodie Basket
Special Pick: Free Boba!

Rules: tinyurl.com/AASIB-Scav-Rules

Scavenger Hunt items & activities list will be released on Sunday, April 22!

Q's?: aasibstanford@gmail.com

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Choose one person as the point person for your family. We will need this for point accumulation purposes.
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Not all members need to be in the photos, but a majority of those who registered should be (e.g. There are 6 members in your family, only 4 signed up to participate, so only 3 need to be in your photos; if only 3 sign up, only 2 need to be, if only 2 sign up, only 1 needs to be)
What are your participating Sibfam members' names and email addresses? *
**Email addresses for each participating member is REQUIRED in order to receive prizes if your family wins.
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How many members were in your original Sibfam? *
Include those who are not participating
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By registering, my Sibfam and I understand that the footage I submit may be used by the A3C on social media. *
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