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Take this quiz to mark your attendance for the Medical Assisting program.
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What are the three fields of medicine Medical Assistants work in? *
What are the two programs offered in Medical Assisting? Be specific. *
What major credentials can Medical Assistants sit for? *
What organization is the accreditation specifically for the Medical Assisting Program? *
True or false: the MAT program is sequential, day-shift only, and starts in the fall? *
The MAT program requires a completed health record and also a __________ and ___________ prior to entrance in the program.
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List four things (there are several) required to purchase during the first semester in the Medical Assisting Program. Please remember these are not purchased until requested by the MAT Coordinator. *
CPR and first aid are required, what type of CPR is required? *
True or false: are students required to meet with Health advisors in Union Hall 477? *
List three procedures that are performed in the laboratory in which students participate and perform these procedures on each other? *
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