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Application Photo Requirements
Photos should be unedited and unfiltered. At least one picture should include the date.

Note: all photos are confidential and used solely for casting purposes only.
We only require 1 nude photo. You are welcome to wear lingerie or a bathing suit for the rest. The nude photo is marked in the template.
1. (A) Smiling Photo - Make sure your hair, face, and teeth are visible (no hats or glasses & smile!)
2. (B) Full Frontal Nude - Please include a date with this picture ( a piece of paper with the date written on it is perfect)
3. (C) Full Body Profile - Do both left and right side. If you have any tattoos, make sure they are visible.
4. (D) Back and Butt Photo - This is to complete the 360 view. Nude preferred but not required. If not fully nude, then please wear a thong.

You are welcome to include 2-3 other photos to show off your personal day to day style (clothes you like to wear, how you like to wear your hair, makeup, etc.) but are not required.

Template for Female Models
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