Stem Cell Club Post-Event Report
Please complete ASAP after an event!
What club chapter was the drive affiliated with? *
i.e. which campus/city are you based in!
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Event Location *
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Please share your name - email too if this is your first post-event report!
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Total swabs collected *
FedEx Waybill Number *
Total males *
Males age 25 and under *
Include males who are 25 years old!
Non-Caucasian Males *
Anyone who's checked a box other than Caucasian for their ethnicity
Aboriginal Males *
Include First Nations, Inuit, and Metis
Date Shipped? *
Any ISSUES or PROBLEMS come up at the drive?
What should we KEEP doing?
What should we STOP doing?
What should we START doing?
Are we LOW on any SUPPLIES? (ie swab kits, forms, barcodes, paperwork?)
Any final comments?
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