European Art Therapy Survey for EFAT 2019
Welcome to the EU Art Therapy Survey for EFAT. The aim of this survey is to draw
out a clearer view on the status and development of the art therapy profession
across Europe.

For the purpose of this questionnaire, certain terms have been used. Please bear
in mind the following definitions:

Art Therapy: Visual and tangible products created in Art Therapy as well as the
shaping process itself serve as a tool to stimulate behavioral and emotional change
or stabilization in an experiential way. The role of an art therapist is to facilitate and
support a client’s emotional, cognitive, social or physical functioning in a systematic
cycle of observation, defining aims, implementation of treatment, completing
treatment, and evaluation. (Malchiodi, 2003; Rubin, 2001).

Art therapist: Practitioner using art Therapy and NOT drama-therapy, music
therapy or dance therapy.

Client(s): People who benefit from AT services: patients, children, students, etc.

Client group(s): People who benefit from AT services and have similar
characteristics, needs or difficulties.

Please, complete the survey as fully as possible, making any further comments
you wish. All information will be sent in anonymously.
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