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Here's what you need to know about our billing:
Nuts Accounting offers annual subscription and you may cancel or change your plan anytime with 5 week’s notice.
Add-ons will be billed monthly based on your usage.
Payment method:
Click on the payment button in the invoice provided.
Please make payment latest 2 weeks prior to your end date of Xero's subscription.
What's next:
1) Once we received your form, we will send your quotation to your email address within 2 business days.
2) Accept the quotation by replying to our email.
3) We will send the invoice to you along with the instructions to transfer the subscription to us (This is for existing Xero users only). If you are a new Xero user, we will be sending some questions to you. Please reply to our email with your business details.
4) If you are an existing Xero user, follow the instructions to transfer the subscription to us.
5) Click on the payment button in the invoice to make your payment.
6) Once we received your payment, we will be managing your Xero subscription for you.
What you need to provide to us:
New Xero subscription: Please provide your business details to create your new Xero account.
Existing Xero subscription: Please transfer your subscription to us.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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