Locksmith Interview Questions

Purpose: This document provides a list of questions that can help a prospective locksmith employee by helping us to determine their current skill level and adaptability to work within our environment.

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Do you have any Aloa recognized certifications, these include CRL, CPL, CML, CAL, CPS, CMST, CPP? If so can you send us proof of those credentials such as a certificate or aloa documentation? Attended any training courses? *
We are a full service lock company, do you have experience installing, servicing and rekeying locks for Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients?
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Have you performed hardwired, low voltage access control work such as installation of magnetic locks, electric strikes, power transformers, prox readers and/or control boards?
Can you set up masterkeying systems?
Have you worked with Schlage Primus locks? What other type of high security locks are you familiar with?
Have you worked with Interchangeable core lock products in the past, if so what type?
Have you installed or serviced other type of door hardware such as door closers, exit devices, door coordinators, continuous hinges?
Have you cut and programmed transponder keys? What type of programming and key cutting equipment have you used? Have you worked with Sidewinder type keys, if so what type of key cutter?
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If you have done automotive, were your primarily cutting keys to code, using decoders or taking apart vehicles to produce the mechanical key?
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Using a HU64 Lishi what do you need to know about decoding the lock after it has been picked?
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If you have done automotive, what type of equipment and procedures are you familiar with?
What's the fastest method to make a replacement key for a 2003 Toyota Sequoia, when no other key exist?
Though we charge more for after-hours work, we provide emergency service. Do you have any issues with being on rotation for after-hours work or being on-call? *
Would you enjoy helping to build out locksmith vehicles, such as helping to install cabinets, machines and inverters and the like?
Are you a member of one or more of these groups?
Multiple is ok.
Just a trivia question, off the top of your head, do you know what the range of depths of a Schlage and Kwikset key system? If not what resources could you use to find that information out?
Another trivia question, how much is the cost of a Ford Nastf subscription for security professionals? *
Using Google is not cheating.
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What tool can be used to program a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica
There may be more than one right answer.
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Are you your currently seeking work and are willing to relocate?
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Getting to know you: Please check any below that feel apply to you.
There is no right or wrong answer here click all that apply, this is to tell us about yourself in a scenario question. Please give details in other below.
What is the best way to contact you phone number, email?
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Bonus Question: What is the official Pop-A-Lock orange?
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