PHIPEC 2018 Post-Test
This post-test would be divided into 2 sections: (1) Part 1: Objective Multiple Choice Test and (2) and Reflection Assessment. The test would take about 20-30 minutes

Deadline of submitting the Post-test is August 20, 2018
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Part 2: Objective Mutiple Choice
1. The following refers to Interprofessional Education EXCEPT: *
2. In the WHO framework, what was the major driving force in the concept of IPE and IPC? *
3. Which curricular mechanism is a very important consideration in designing the learning approach and strategies in IPE? *
4. Which curricular mechanism in IPE develops learning related to real world practice experience? *
5. Which mechanism/s of IPC is/are very important consideration/s in order to address the issue of professional silos? *
6. The implementation of IPE is related to tertiary education’s paradigm shift to outcomes-based education since through IPE, the latter’s learning outcomes can be translated to actual professional roles. *
7. Which of the following curricular mechanisms shape interprofessional education at the practice level? *
8. Based on available evidences, which of these patients’ heath outcomes result from a more collaborative health care team? *
9. Which of the following is a direct result of interprofessional education as envisioned by the World Health Organizations’ (2010) Framework for Action on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice? *
10. Which of the following scenario best describes interprofessional (IPE) and collaborative practice? *
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