A Dharma Gaia Weekend at Windhorse: Zen and Nature Practice July 23-25, 2021
Here is the tentative schedule for our event:

Friday, June 23

6:00 PM: Introduction to Zen Practice for new people, with Sunya-roshi
7:00 PM: Opening Tea Ceremony with words from Sunya-roshi and Lawson-roshi
7:30 PM: Overview of the Spirit of the Weekend with David Matters and Lani Banner
8:15 PM: Zazen
9:00 PM: Yaza (after-hours informal practice), tea and light refreshments

Saturday, July 24

6:30 AM: Two rounds of zazen with kinhin*
8:00 AM: Breakfast and clean-up*
9:00 AM: Work Learning and Serving -- possible projects include, but are not limited to, mushroom inoculation,
forest gardening, seed starting, making seed balls, etc.
12:30 PM: Lunch and clean-up
1:30 PM: Self-directed practice/break
2:30 PM: Dharma Gaia Circle with Sunya-roshi with Zazen
4:30 PM: Self-directed practice/break
5:30 PM: Dinner and clean-up
7:00 PM: Zazen with an opportunity for dokuan (private interview) with Sunya-roshi and Lawson-roshi
9:00 PM: Yaza (after-hours informal practice), tea and light refreshments

Sunday, July 25

7:00 AM: Morning Kinhin (Walking Practice) in Nature*
8:00 AM: Breakfast and clean-up*
9:30 AM: Sunday Program (zazen, teisho from one of our roshis)
11:30 AM: Vegetarian Potluck

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