Quran-Tajweed class with Mufti Umer
Assalam Alaikum! This year a group of us have decided to create an informal Qur'ran recitation/memorization class Mondays and Wednesdays post- Maghreb at Nueces Mosque. The program will be facilitated by Sarah Youssef (for the sisters) and Sakib Abdur Rahman (for the brothers) and overseen by Sheikh Umer. The class will be structured in form of a buddy system where people with similar backgrounds/experience can work together to reach their semesterly goals together while having the support and knowledge of Sheikh Umer insha'Allah. Please fill out this form if you are interested. If you have any questions please fill free to reach out to the assigned facilitator! Once you fill this form out, we will reach out to you to add you in the Quran Class GroupMe.
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