Bike to School Week 2015 - Feedback Form
To help us take Bike to School Week to the next level, please use the form below to give us feedback on your BTSW experience this year - or, if your school didn't participate, let us know what would help or encourage you to do so next year.
How did you hear about Bike to School Week 2015?
How would you rate the following Bike to School Week resources:
Very helpful
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Ideas Sheet
Participation Tracking Sheet
Did you record student participation numbers for Bike to School Week this year?
If you answered NO to the question above, we would appreciate knowing why
Was it too difficult to organize, was the process unclear? What might have made it easier/possible for you?
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What can we do to improve Bike to Work Week in 2016?
Earlier notice, more prizes, better communication, different resources?
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Thanks to our sponsors for making this year's event possible!
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