Fond du Lac Brewfest

VIP admission -3pm-7:30pm * General admission - 4pm-7:30pm.

Thank you and welcome to the 10th Annual Fond du Lac Brewfest - 1980's Theme! We are thrilled to showcase your brews and wines and so excited that you'll be serving up your specialties to eager beer and wine enthusiasts. We appreciate you filling out the details below and signing to acknowledge this participation agreement.

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Please complete and return by October 10th, 2018.
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1. Three ounce beer samples for up to five hours at event

2. Follow Check in Procedure. Specific Load In and Check In instructions will be emailed to you one week prior to Brewfest. Check in -between 12pm-1:30pm on February 2, 2019. Set up no later than 2:00 pm.

3. A knowledgeable staff that can answer questions about your product. Staff must be at least 21 years of age, and have the management capacity to serve only those with proper wristband identification. (EX: People with Designated Driver wristbands should NOT be served.)

4. A list of your staff working Brewfest. A maximum of four wristbands will be set aside for your crew. The 'Load In instructions' email will be sent to you one week prior and you will fill in the names of your four staff members with your reply. Staff members must be 21 years of age. STAFF WITHOUT A WRISTBAND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FREE ENTRY TO BREWFEST.

5. Your logo - emailed to for the purpose of promoting your brewery/winery in our advertising. (If you participated in 2017 and your logo hasn’t changed, we have it on fine - thank you.)

6. A certificate of insurance naming Radio Plus, Inc. as additional insured on your general liability and liquor liability coverage. Your insurance agent can send this to us directly at or RP 210 S Main St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935/

7. A rinse bucket, tubs for any bottles and kegs; bottle openers; Co2; jockey boxes and any extra/spare parts you may need to serve your product.

8. No sales of beer nor wine at your booth, samples only. If you will be selling apparel and other items, please indicate what you will be selling to Brewfest management prior to set up.

1. Two six foot banquet tables, two folding chairs, and a max of four “staff” members' admission wristbands.

2. Complimentary Pizza Hut pizza lunch from 12:30pm-2:30pm.

3. Three twenty-pound bags of ice. Please unload your ice during setup. Volunteers will be there to assist with ice transfer if necessary.

4. Promotion mentions of of your brewery/winery in our radio and social media advertising.

5. You will be paid for your product on the honor system. The maximum stipend you will receive from FDL Brewfest is: $250.00 To ensure timely payment, please send your invoice via email no later than 2/13/19 as an attachment to or present it to a Brewfest staff member at the event.

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