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If you are interested in receiving referrals to the 28 millions professional real estate investors who want to buy investment properties (SFR to Commercial buildings)within your local MLS area, Fill out this form completely and we will forward additional details of our program. Remember, this cooperative is free to you, and we are not compensated from commissions earned while you represent the investors we refer to you. However we require you continue to insist that the client investors you receive as a result of our service always acquire the MLS data through our service, and you agree to not provide MLS data to any of our referrals outside of our platform.

Additionally by submitting this form, you are agreeing that the intellectual information you will see as a result of submitting this form is the property of Creative Real Estate Resolution, LLC. In no manner will you utilize any or all elements contained in our program outside of the REALTOR Cooperative agreement or the JV Participation Agreements. Your hereby agree to do so will make you personally and any associated entity legally liable for damages, as well as collection of attorney fees.
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