Families and Faith Journeys
This short survey about family reactions to belief changes will take about 1 minute. The HMJ Foundation will analyze the results to protect and improve relationships. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. The data will help future relationships in crisis over changes in belief, AND your own relationships with loved ones can benefit.

Please take this survey if:
-You are a currently a religious parent
-You are a parent who was religious within the last 10 years
-Your parent is currently religious
-Your parent was religious within the last 10 years, or has passed away (no time or religious activity specification)

NOTE: if you have/had a religious parent AND you are a parent yourself, please take the survey twice, answering in each role. Once you first finish, there will be a prompt for you to take it again.

Are you answering as the parent, or son/daughter?
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