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Hello there! I'm glad you've shown interest in my artwork and are looking to buy a piece or two.
Please fill in each section as thoroughly as you can-- double-check it if you have to, just to make sure nothing is forgotten or missing!
Make sure you have read my Terms and Conditions before completing and sending an Order Form:

Thank you for your interest!
Basic Needed Info
Fill these out thoroughly; I need to know who you are and how to contact you, after all!
Name of Commissioner *
(This can be a Username if you prefer that, but if you use said Username please point out where that Username is from, so I can site you properly!)
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(To Contact you whether I have accepted your Submission or not!)
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(This is so I can send you a proper invoice if I accept your Submission. Obviously if I do not, I would have already contacted you, and you will not receive one.)
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(How many Forms are you requesting/how many Commissions do you wish to buy? Please note that you must fill out a new form for each if you are ordering more than one!)
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Now For Commission Specifics
To reiterate, please fill out each section of the form thoroughly, and double-check if you must to make sure you don't forget or miss anything! Once you have picked what you want, feel free to scroll down and submit~

Please make sure you understand the pricing for each separate Commission Type before you complete and send a form!
Here are Said Prices for consideration:
How Many Characters?
(The Max Amount characters allowed for any normal Commissions is three. If you want a Group Commission/Shot, then simply ignore all the other choices and check the "Group Shot" option; make sure to fill out the appropriate section for it down below, as well!)
Looking for a Full-Body?
(Backgrounds are automatically excluded unless you request them; not available for the sketch stages!)
Looking for a Half-Body?
(Once again, backgrounds are naturally excluded unless requested; not available for sketches.)
Looking for a Headshot?
(And again: Backgrounds excluded unless requested; not available for sketches.)
A Larger Group Shot?
(These will always be strictly digital pieces - They are also only applicable if you wish for 4 or more Characters in one Commission! If this is filled out, the others do not need to be! Also to note, the Background rules still apply for these.)
A Landscape Piece?
(This usually doesn't entail characters-- they can both be digital or traditional, but make sure you tell me which. Pastels are also offered as a medium for this for completed pieces!)
If Group Shot, How Many Characters?
(Obviously, only applicable if you requested for a Group Shot Commission of 4+ characters~)
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Did You Want a Background? *
(If yes, note briefly what you want it to be. If not, just say no~)
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Further Commission Details *
If there are any specifics you wish for me to know or add into the Commission(s), please let me know! Whether it's facial expressions, what they're doing in the Commission(s), etc. If you do not have specific ideas and simply want me to wing it, then simply state that as well~
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Links to Character/Landscape References *
Especially when requesting Commissions with Characters, please link to references for them so I can draw them correctly for you! If references for any backgrounds you want are available, please send that to me as well. It's very helpful!
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One Last Thing: Do You Have a Discount?
(If you came from a sale/got one from a Subscription Box, please tell me, as well as the percentage! If not, then obviously just say no~)
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