2021 Atomar World Championship
Registration form for the 2021 Atomar World Championship to be held on chessvariants.training.
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What is your ChessVariants Training profile ID (provide the full string, ie: https://chessvariants.training/User/Profile/505 *
What is your LiChess account name (former names are fine) - this is to get ratings for seeding reasons: *
How do you wish to communicate with your opponent for setting up match times? *
Please provide your email or account name for match communication purposes so that the TD may provide the details to your opponent (input either email or your preferred handle for all communications in conjunction with the above question): *
In order to receive a cash payout, if you qualify to receive one, you must have a PayPal account. You will provide the TD with your PayPal account at the conclusion of the tournament if you are to be paid. Do you understand this stipulation? *
You must certify that you have read and understand the Atomic World Championship rules with the following stipulations - everyone is eligible for Atomar, the games are played on chessvariants.training, the entire tournament is double elimination (no cut to 16), and the Challonge brackets are found at https://challonge.com/2021atomarwc. *
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