Tidal Club: Learning TidalCycles
A study-at-home course from absolute beginner to expert, involving videos, worksheets, q+a, alongside the development of a comprehensive tidal handbook.
Sign up here to be part of the first cohort, with the first four week block starting 11th April.
No experience in music or code required.
It will be pay-as-you-feel (starting from £0 for those with disadvantageous exchange rates and incomes)
The first three questions are mandatory, would be great to have your thoughts on the others too!
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What barriers to participation do you have?
For example disability, English language skills, lack of access to technology, family responsibilities - I might well not be able to help but would be great to understand the full picture!
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What would you like to get out of the course?
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How much time would you like to spend on this per week?
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What experience do you have (if any) with live coding already?
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What experience (if any) do you have with music already?
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Any thoughts/ideas about how this should run?
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