YPFP Study Tour 2019: UAE
The UAE study tour will bring up to 13 young professionals ages 24-35 to the UAE for 5 days in late March 2019 to develop a deeper understanding of the Middle East and to engage with thought leaders and peers in the UAE to exchange views on how rising leaders can work together to develop more innovative solutions to global challenges.

During the study tour, delegates will meet with UAE government officials, Emirati business leaders, cultural influencers, and rising Emirati professionals from all sectors to learn more about the UAE, its policy positions, and its deep relationship with the United States. In addition, participants will visit cultural sites such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Upon their return, delegates will be invited to share their findings from the trip with other YPFP members.

The study tour is generously sponsored by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Washington, DC. All airfare, lodging, local travel, and group meal costs are covered. Delegates are only responsible for incidental personal costs (snacks, etc.) incurred during the trip.

Please carefully review all of the instructions on the UAE Study Tour web page and prepare all of your materials PRIOR to completing your application. You will not be able to save and return to the form. For questions or if you need additional assistance, please email studytours@ypfp.org. Thank you and good luck!

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