Silver Sound Sound Design Crash Course
Hello! I had such a positive response to my sound design event at Adorama that I decided to offer this class to the general public. Although I have taught Sound Design at Brooklyn College in the past, and this semester students even came to my studio, I have never before seriously considered offering Sound Design classes on my own. I believe in small learning environments that are extremely hands-on. I believe in empowering the people I am teaching to do as much as they can with the resources that are available to them. It is my hope that the folks who take this course leave it with more knowledge, more power, ready to create!

The focus of this class will be specifically sound design, and the class will be taught using the DAW that I use professionally, REAPER.

-Cory Choy, Silver Sound

The cost to enroll in the class is $600. I will be offering 1-2 reduced-cost scholarship slots to those experiencing financial hardship. Please email me if you would like to apply for one of these slots. The reduced-cost price is $300.

Please feel free to share this form with anyone who might be interested in taking this class.
Slots are first come, first serve. Should you decide to enroll I will contact you directly to coordinate via email or phone.

Curious about what the event at Adorama was all about? Read about it here:

Part 1:
SHORT LECTURE: the different aspects of Sound Design
Intro to REAPER, basic functionality
gain, crossfades, pitch bend, time stretch, etc
Working with a cartoon
placing sound effects
editing sound effects

Part 2:
SHORT LECTURE: Palette. Expectations and breaking them.
ADR + foley vs. SFX and VO
SPECIAL GUESTS: combat trained actors
Sound design for live action fight sequence filmed on location in class
Recording sound effects and using them
basic EQ and reverb for FX purposes

Part 3:
SHORT LECTURE: working on live action narratives
OMFs and AAFs, encapsulated vs. linked
Sound Editing for a small piece or scene from the real world
Converting OMF/AAF to .rpp
IF YOU HAVE A SHORT PIECE THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WORKING ON, please send me some info beforehand and I'll see if I can make that happen. Otherwise I will provide materials.

Questions? send an email to: || ||

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The class will either be two 4.5-hour sessions on the weekend or it will be 3-hour sessions on three weekdays. What is your preference?
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