Being a wonderful mentor/volunteer for Newhopeu
The COVID-19 Pandemic is more than a public health problem, it is also an opportunity.
Now more than ever, the world youth should reunite to fight a common challenge. That’s the first time in recent history that we are facing a global imminent problem.
Our question is, how can we help them?

We have different kinds of mentors options, to which you can apply:

• Challenge Lead, who moderates the general/specific problems of a topic room by providing insights, diving into the root causes and explore the existing solutions

• Mentor Lead, who performs mentorship on a range of relevant aspects through 1to1, 1to many, or peer mentoring. You are making things happen on facilitating the design or improvement of a project.

• Networking Lead, who provides a range of relevant contacts sharing part of the network for the benefit of the community/projects growth. You are fostering collaborations, creating teams, and bringing global insights to our changemakers.

We are looking for also content creators and any help you want to propose

During exceptional moments, unprecedented facts happen. Youth are online, and feel much more connected understanding that they need each other to overcome this period. That’s the opportunity we envisioned, and that’s the moment to highlight the voice of youth

We are a global platform that is aimed to facilitate the ideation of projects or initiatives strictly related to Social Innovation and injustices. For more information, you can visit:
Youth can propose ideas, but often they need additional support. They need someone, possibly identified as a Mentor to guide them through the design and shaping process.
This Form is intended for mentors or anyone that want to give feedback on different aspects of the projects. You will be paired considering your preferences and area of expertise.

Feeling convinced? Why not spreading getting on board with us? Looking forward your bright application!
Feel free to reach out to: for any questions.
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We understand that sometimes the above options does not reflect your expertise. You can feel free to add more details, or anything that we did not ask, but you would like to highlight!
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