Welcome to the The #100Challenge
Friend, I am so glad you are joining us! I've been coaching for over 4 years and LOVE these programs, these products, and this community. I am so excited to see what happens in YOUR life just by choosing to work on YOU!

My goal is to help you get started right. That means making sure that we create a perfect package for you, depending on WHAT YOU NEED. I will NOT force you to get things that you don't need or want and I want to listen to YOU... so, by filling this out, I will be able to do just that, and make sure you have everything you need to start strong, based off of YOUR goals.

Once you fill this out, I will send you something called a share a cart (like a filled out amazon cart), that you can view, change, and then order whenever you are ready.

Please don't let this form overwhelm you.... there are a lot of questions... and a lot of info, but I promise, it will be worth it!
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Welcome to the #100challenge
On July 29th the Together We Are Better community will be committing to complete 100 workouts with the new program that Beachbody is launching. This is a VIP launch and only available to a select group of people, and we want you to join us! This new program is unlike anything Beachbody has ever done. It is 100 unique workouts and there is a live DJ to help create an amazing vibe. Each workout is only 20-30 minutes, so it is a very doable program. The Super Trainer, Jericho is one of my FAVORITE super trainers and will inspire you to show up every day.

Our challenge group will be committing to do all 100 workouts. It will be at everyones own pace. It's more about committing to start and finish and show up for YOU verses perfection. We will encourage each other, believe in each other, and BECOME BETTER.

When you fill this form out, you will be put on the list to join us. Those that choose to join as a Discount Coach will get early access starting on July 1st. You will have the first opportunity to purchase the program and will have early access to 10 of the workouts up until July 15th! This means you will get a chance to try the program BEFORE anyone else does. You will also get 25% off on all products after you join (an amazing deal).

Those that choose to join as a customer, will have access to order the program starting July 16th (and I will send your custom cart to you on that date). You will have access to the workouts starting on July 29th, the same day we start our challenge.

This video is a little teaser of what is to come. Are you so excited?
My philosophy is that TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER. I wholeheartedly believe this, and being a health coach for the last 4 years, I've seen that those who show up, encourage others, and commit to a COMMUNITY are the ones who truly create a lifestyle. We can not do life alone... it's just too hard. There are days you are going to want to quit, to throw in the towel, to NOT press play, but WHEN you see others with the same struggles, showing up for themselves daily, it is contagious.

Our challenges take place in a private facebook page. It is a group of all ladies, so you will have a safe place to show up daily! We have daily posts and tips on nutrition, fitness, and more, but the magic happens when you see everyone showing up daily and posting their workouts. It’s super motivating and you get to see real women showing up in the midst of all the crazy!!

We will all be utilizing the Beachbody On Demand workouts, and most importantly the new Morning Meltdown 100 workout for this challenge. This workout will be available starting July 29th or July 1st (for those who choose to discount coach) You’ll get a calendar to help you know which workout to do each day, a meal plan, and a ton of resources. Then just press play each day and when you finish your workout post in the group for accountability!!! ❤️❤️

If you are ever stuck, feeling unmotivated, or just have questions, post in the group and someone will give you the push you need!!!

Community is key, and that is what this group is. We are excited to have you join!
Do you Commit to showing up for yourself throughout this challenge? To not give up, but reach out for help if you are struggling. To give yourself Grace? To start AND finish? To be proud of all that you accomplish, no matter WHAT chaos is going on in your life?
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FITNESS (Workouts)
The #100challenge is all about committing to complete 100 workouts. We will all be utilizing a BRAND NEW workout program called Morning Meltdown 100. This program is through Beachbody, one of the leading companies in online fitness training. Beachbody On Demand is like the Netflix for workouts and you will have access to over 800 workouts, including well known favorites like 21 Day Fix, Piyo, T25, Liift4, 80 Day obsession, and P90X. You can stream the workouts from anywhere, which makes it perfect to workout from home, go to the gym, get your workout in on vacation, and more.

In order to be a part of this program, you must order a subscription to Beachbody on Demand. You have a few different options, and I want you to choose which will be best for you. As this program is a BRAND NEW program, there is an additional VIP access charge to join, unless you order a challenge pack (a kit put together to give you the best savings). Please review your choices below and let me know which option you would prefer.
Please let me know what option fits you best when starting with Beachbody On Demand (workouts). *
Nutrition is 80% of the Journey and is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. There are a lot of different options that you have through Beachbody to really enhance your nutrition. All products from Beachbody are CLEAN, made with good quality ingredients, and I personally use them daily myself and believe in them.

Below are some of my favorite products.
Video Based Nutrition Programs
The Morning Meltdown program comes with it's own meal plan for you to use; however, there are 2 amazing additional nutrition programs that I LOVE that will help you go deeper with nutrition, if desired. These are optional, but when you order with a challenge pack, come at very discounted savings. Please look at the programs below and let me know which strategy seems to fit you best, if any.
More about Ultimate Portion Fix
More about the 2B Mindset
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Healthy Snacks great for the entire family.
I am all about healthy snacks. I wanted to share this option with you because in our family we DEVOUR these! My kids ask for them every day, and I'm so glad, because it's hard enough to get them to eat protein and things without sugar. I know these are healthy for them, safe, and yummy. My hubby demands that we have them on hand as well. I'd say that's a huge win!

They are perfect for those who want a quick snack. Soft and like a chewy granola bar... they don't taste like the fake bars out on the market. YAY!

You can choose to get 1, 2, or 3 boxes at a time and mix and match flavors. Just comment below on which flavor(s) and how many boxes you would like me to add to your cart.
I believe that the nutrients in our food these days is severely lacking. Even someone eating super healthy is lacking vital vitamins and nutrients because of how our farming system is run. Shakeology has become a vital part of my every day nutrition program, because it is filled with vitamins, super foods, and more that will help you stop craving sweets, loose weight, and just feel better.

What flavor of Shakeology are you interested in?

Shakeology will be INCLUDED in all kits (unless you choose the performance line), and I highly recommend trying this as part of your daily routine. I personally recommend starting with 1 flavor in the full 30 serving bag. From there, you can decide in the future if you want to change flavors or do a combo convenience pack. And Remember, if at any point you are dissatisfied, you can return even an empty bag in the first 30 days, and get your money back... or they'll switch to a flavor you prefer. Here are the flavors.
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For those who are wanting to get the most out of your fitness routine, the performance line is a MUST. It will help you perform better during your workout plus recover faster so you can get a better workout in the next day. Everything is "clean" and quality, so you know you will be getting the best out of your workouts. These are my personal favorites from the performance line and I use them every day.

You can add these to your cart individually OR you can get them as part of your challenge pack with major discounts.

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DISCOUNT COACHING // 25% Loyalty Discount
A discount coach is a Beachbody customer who upgrades their Beachbody account from CUSTOMER to COACH status simply for the 25% loyalty discount. You can choose to do that now, and take advantage of the savings right away OR you can always choose to do it later. For those that do this now, the discount will apply to all additional items outside of the challenge pack. It is a GREAT savings.

There is no technical membership difference between a discount coach or someone who decides to build a coaching business, and you can choose to do either at any time.

Beachbody allows its Coaches to choose whether they want to take advantage of the personal fitness and health benefits of the Beachbody products, earn extra income on a part-time basis, or focus their full-time attention to maximize their income and impact.

A large number of our Coaches choose not to build a business, but rather join for the opportunity to purchase and enjoy Beachbody products and programs at wholesale prices.

As coaches, we have NO requirement to sell products, lead a team, run groups or coach others. Many people decide to become coaches simply because they love the community, accountability and support.

- They want a healthy lifestyle, not a healthy 30 days.

- They love a discount and don't want to spend any extra money than they have to.

- They know that Beachbody will continue to create and release amazing programs and products.

- They love belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Upgrading to a coach is free when you order a challenge pack. As shown above, there is a monthly fee but you do save 25% off of all orders. If you are using the products, this is worth it.

This image below shows a little of the savings possible. Remember you also receive 25% off on ALL other options and early access to programs and events. Taxes and shipping are not included in prices, as they will change per customer and location.
The First 10 people to upgrade to a Discount coach will also receive the book 100 Days to Brave, which we will be using in our challenge.
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If you chose discount coach, I'm curious - are you interested in possibly helping others through coaching or would you rather focus on your own health journey for now?
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With a discount coach account, you have options with the coaching business opportunity: build a business, hobby-coach alongside our team, or simply enjoy the discount. When might you be interested in learning about the coaching business opportunity?
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Please share anything else that I might need to know, or let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you so much!
I know that was a lot to answer, but I truly want to make sure this is a real success for you. I want you to get plugged in and see the results you've been wanting. I know it can happen and is possible.

Once you fill this form out please take a second to message me right away, so that I can start working on this cart for you. I will email you a link so that you can review everything. Please note that everything in the cart is removable or changeable. If you have any questions on ANYTHING please don't hesitate to ask.

I know taking care of yourself can be a challenge and sometimes price is one of the biggest obstacles. My goal is to help you find the BEST option.... sometimes that's going to be everything packaged in together and you will KNOW you are getting the BEST savings possible (if you are like me, I'm all about saving in any way I can)... but sometimes it also means starting off with the bare minimum and showing yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS. Either way, I want you to be excited to join... so don't hesitate to reach out and let's make sure YOU feel good about everything we put together.
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