Candy Fair 2017
***Please Note Candy Fair 2017 Designer Applications have closed! You are applying to be considered for our wait list only. If you are not able to be accepted from the wait list last minute and create an exclusive last minute please do not apply.***

Candy Fair 2017
November 17th - December 1st, 2017

◉ Theme ◉
Candy Fair is an annual fair for the love of all things candy and sweet treats! Started in 2013 by MelissaJeanne Flores. Over the years we've had hundreds of designers and shoppers step into our Candy Wonderlands to bring out the fun and joy of all things candy! From fashion to decor, poses or cosmetics, Candy Fair brings the sweet things and that sense of being a kid in a big candy shop.

We are excited to announce our fifth annual Candy Fair 2017 which will be inspired by garden tea parties with a hint of Alice in Wonderland. This will be our 5 year birthday celebration round! We look forward to bringing you into a whimsical candy garden full of all kinds of hidden candy treasures!

Check out the pinterest board for the fair for a better feel on the theme this year:

◉ Schedule ◉
• Designer Applications Open - August 1st
• Designer Application Deadline - September 1st
• Designer Acceptances - September 2nd
• Designer Payment Deadline - September 17th
• Designer Setup Begins - November 7th
• Designer Setup Deadline - November 14th
• Blogger Day - November 15th
• Early Access Shopping Day (For Sponsor's VIP Groups) - November 16th
• Opening Day - November 17th (Opens at midnight for Candy Fair Update Group, 12PM SLT for the Public)
• Closing Day - December 1st
• Clean Up - December 2nd

◉ Prices ◉
This year we will be having stalls like the previous year. They may not be actual buildings but more cute garden tents setup around. This is not set in stone we are still working on the ideas for the stalls. But we will update through group with what they will be for certain before setup.

Sponsor Stalls - $8,000L - 300 Prim
(12 Total will be chosen)

Regular Stalls
Large - $5,000L - 200 Prim
Small - $2,500L - 100 Prim

◉ Rules & Info ◉
• Create at least one brand new exclusive item for the fair. If you decide to get a gacha and would like that as your exclusive that is fine. You must still decorate your booth with either older candy related products or a picture of your exclusive and where to find it. When we say exclusive we mean only sold at the event for the duration of it. This item can be sold in your store after the event is over. You must keep your exclusive item and other items in your booth strict to the Candy & Sweets theme.

• All designers must obey by our strict deadline dates. Anyone not paid by payment deadline will be dropped from the fair and replaced with a designer off our waiting list. Any store not set up by setup deadline will be replaced by a store from our waiting list. No refunds, no exceptions!

• Required to have a group space available for our Candy Fair Designer Group. We will send updates, news, needed for land access, etc through that group. You must stay in the group for the duration leading up to and through the fair. After the fair you are free to the leave the group.

• Stay within your stores prim limits for your assigned stall. Along with keeping all items within your stall as much as possible. Nothing will be allowed on the outside of the stalls aside from your store's mesh logo or prim logo whichever you have.

• Due to lag and scripts, please consider this when setting out your items. Scripted vendors are allowed but please refrain from over usage of scripts. Delete scripts from decorations among other scripts that aren't essential. You many have one subscriber and one landmark giver. NO Group Joiners, Hover Text (Except Pose makers of course your pose stands/poseballs can have hover text), No spammers of any sort will be allowed etc.

• No gachas are allowed in designer booths. We have a gacha area on the sim which you can have no more than two gachas. We will provide the custom made gacha machines to fit the fair theme, you must use the ones we provide. Gachas pull price can be listed between 25L-100L only! Gachas do not have to be new but it is highly encouraged. Gachas will be paid for with booth payments by September 17th.

**Please note there will be a limited amount of gachas so please if you are interested in this list on your application. We will have a waiting list if we have more demand for gachas than we have space. If you are interested in this be sure to check it on the application if you don't, you may not get a chance at a later time. You can always change your mind if you decide not to. Better to be safe than sorry.**

• Billboards will be around the sim first come first get at the time of setup. There will only be a limited amount of billboards. Billboards will be $1,000 if you are interested in purchasing them.

• No late set up! There's nothing that looks worse then an event starting with a bunch of empty stalls! For that reason all designers must be set up by November 14th. Any stores not set up by that time will be replaced by a store on our waiting list for the fair. NO Exceptions to this rule. We will give you a week to set up, which is plenty of time. Stores will be accepted to the fair months in advance. No refunds will be given for stores dropped due to not being ready on time.

• All items in your booth must stick to the fair theme of Candy & Treat inspired items.

• Do not violate LL TOS in your products. We won't stand for anything that is violating Linden Labs TOS and you'll be removed from the fair if you do. Please refer to for any questions regarding this. When in doubt please ask organizers about certain items.

More details regarding the fair, setup, blogger days etc. will be provided upon acceptance into the fair. The rules above will stay the same. If for some reason anything above changes we will send notice through the designer group at a later time.

☏ Contact ☏
If you have any further questions or need further explanation in regards to info on this application, please do not hesitate to send a notecard or an IM to MelissaJeanne Flores or Rockstarroo Gossipgirl. We will NOT respond to ims or nc's asking for the status of your application. If you are accepted or put on our waiting list we will contact you. Do not contact us about it. Please refer to the schedule above. We make sure that everyone accepted receives notecards, group invites etc.

Thank you and hope to see you at Candy Fair 2017!

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