Weekly Dancraft Poll 2
This poll is used to help us understand what content players would like to see and prioritize the development and order of updates.

The questions asked in this poll have been "brought forward" by suggestions from our suggestion form. If you would like to make a suggestion, you can do so at dancraft.net/suggest.

What items SHOULD be refilled when the DanGames chests refill at the border shrink/teleport? (select multiple) *
Please bear in mind, the winner of DanGames will soon be the player who obtains the most kills throughout the match. Items like armor could make it harder, or even close to impossible, to kill players.
We are "updating" the Skyblock drop party items. What item(s) would you like to see in the new drop party? (optional)
If listing more than one item, please make a new line for each.
Your answer
What auction system do you prefer? *
What servers would you like to see Auctions/AuctionHouse on? (select multiple) *
The most popular auction system of the question before this ("What auction system do you prefer?") will be the system that is used.
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