2020-2021 Internet Hotspot Request
Grand Ledge Public Schools is committed to providing:
iPads to each student in grades K-2
Chromebooks to each student in grades 3-12
Please reach out to the appropriate school contact below to request iPads and/or Chromebooks for students who need them.

Holbrook - Nola Cockroft, 517-925-5625, cockroftn@glcomets.net
Beagle - Stephanie Morgan, 517-925-5486, morgans@glcomets.net
Delta Center - Carly Gee, 517-925-5567, geec@glcomets.net
Holbrook - Nola Cockroft, 517-925-5625, cockroftn@glcomets.net
Neff - Nola Cockroft, 517-925-5625, cockroftn@glcomets.net
Wacousta - Michael Patrick, 517-925-5974, patrickm@glcomets.net
WIllow Ridge - Marcia Pogoncheff, 517-925-5797, pogoncheffm@glcomets.net
Hayes - Tammy Jordan-Thelen, 517-925-5686, jordanthelent@glcomets.net
High School - Sherry Kreiser-Crouch, Jen Ashley, Lisa Nelson, & Cindy Hoskins,
517-925-5855, GLHSTechSupport@glcomets.net

By accepting devices from Grand Ledge Public Schools you agree to the following:
First Name *
Student Legal First Name as it appears in PowerSchool
Last Name *
Student Legal Last Name as it appears in PowerSchool
School *
Which school will this student attend for the 2020-2021 school year.
Contact *
Legal Parent/Guardian Contact Name. This contact is authorized to agree to the terms of any agreements on behalf of this student or household. This contact will also coordinate with receipt and return of equipment and agrees to such communications.
EMail *
Parent/Guardian EMail Address - PLEASE double check your entry as it will be the primary method of communicating regarding this project.
Phone *
Parent/Guardian Phone ###-###-####
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