The Habit - 30 Minute Ayurveda Consult Application
Let's get you on the books, and talk about how Ayurveda can and will change your life. Before I take on a client (and before you make an investment in support), it's best to know if we're a good fit. So let's hang for thirty minutes and see.

This quick questionnaire will help me get to know you before we chat. With a clear picture of what's going on for you, and what needs work, we can fill in the blanks together a bit faster.

How did you Find The Habit? *
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Let's start by finding out where you are at. Check all that apply *
Of the list above, what is causing you the most discomfort / preventing you from feeling at your best? Or is it something else? Tell me about your biggest struggle. *
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The Habit is about better habits for an easier life. What do you want? *
I want to take better care of myself.
I want to eat a healthier diet.
I want to sleep better.
I want more energy.
I want to prepare food for myself more often.
I want to understand my body's functions.
I want to feel calm and grounded
I want to take better care of my body and senses.
Tell me about what you've tried / what supports you've employed that have not given you the results you hoped for. *
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Why do YOU think this didn't work? *
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What's keeping you from your Best Self? *
My goals aren't supported by the habits I need to reach them
My peers don't have the same goals or habits.
I've tried to go it alone / I haven't invested in the right support.
I haven't made my health & wellness a priority
I haven't made health evolution into a fun process or game.
My current habits are keeping me stuck.
I only work with women who are serious about making permanent changes for lifelong health & well-being. There's no "get fixed quick" option. There's no change for people who don't show up and do the work. Tell me why now is the time you're ready to commit to a better life for yourself & your family.
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Nothing comes for free. And MANY things are worth an investment. The overwhelming feedback from my clients is that this work has paid them the highest return of anything they've done. Are you willing to invest your time + money into putting long term health as first priority?
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