IIYS & KC Yoga Therapy Program Application Form
Application for Admission

IIYS: Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies

KC Yoga Therapy Program: Yoga therapist training program (KCYT)

Please complete this application fully. Please also submit a recent photo photo to Renee@IIYS.org (max 100kb), and pay your application fee at https://www.iiys.org/iiys-register-pay/application-fee .

Applicants will be contacted within one week of application submission with notification that KCYT has successfully received the application and application fee. Students will be notified of acceptance to the program within three weeks of application receipt. Please note: In some cases, it may be necessary for an applicant to give an interview via the Internet (e.g. via FaceTime). Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for completion.

Application Options: Bridge Program Admission, KC Yoga Therapy Program

Applicants may only apply to KC Yoga Therapy Program only after successful completion of the Bridge Program.
The IIYS Bride Program totals 300 hours, and requires applicants to have already completed a 200 hour (or equivalent) yoga training program. Completion of the Bridge Program will result in a student 500 hour certificate from IIYS.

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