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Metin 1: Lucius 3
June 6th, 1966 a senator's wife had a child. Six years later everyone around the boy started to die mysteriously.A detective was called to investigate the incidents. In the end, only thing he pulled out from that burning dante manor was the child.The detective was weak. His past was affecting his judgement. He was easily influenced and soon just a pawn in the boys plans. The child was taken into psychiatric care, but it wasn’t long until more people started to die around him.He was determined to carry out the events that would bring the Rapture. In a town called Ludlow, they fulfilled the prophecy of the Seven Trumpets.Now he had obtained a Scroll with seven seals. More deaths would mark these happenings and finally bring forth the endgame between Heaven and Hell. *
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Metin 2: Talos Principle
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In New Jerusalem, there is a temple, and upon its gate is written: Who dares to judge the dead? For they are nothing. And who dares to judge the living? For they are damned to nothingness. Judge only the city, which is eternal." You too must stand before that gate and contemplate the fate of your children; only then will you understand why you must die. For the city grows only through sacrifice... and each man kills the thing he loves. *
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Metin 2: Driver: San Francisco
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<KEOC News, your eyes on the city, with me, Jessica Adams. Next up, it's a big day for justice. Convicted cop-killer and international smuggling kingpin Charles Jericho faces sentencing later today.<NUL>An as-yet unnamed police officer was instrumental in Jericho's arrest and in obtaining evidence of the seventeen counts of murder, smuggling and drug trafficking the mob boss faces.<NUL>Today is a good day. Today the Feds are givin' me a parade across town.<NUL>So... We straight?<NUL>On everything except the price.<NUL>We agreed on twenty.<NUL>You mumble a little bit, Rufus.<NUL>Twenty-five.<NUL>I'll let you know what the touch of a woman feels like.<NUL>I'm asking thirty.<NUL>You got thirty more years in here. I'm askin' thirty million. It's not a hard choice.<NUL>Fine.<NUL>Alright mister unnamed officer, you're all over the news. Congratulations. So let's hang it up for today, huh.<NUL>C'mon, John... whaddaya say?<NUL>Jericho put a bullet in my back, and a lot of good men in the ground. I need to see this through.<NUL>You're gonna have to let this go, man. You heard it yourself, Jericho's going down today. You did that. Be proud of that.<NUL>Türkçe Çeviri: Plus Çeviri<NUL>A Game by Ubisoft Reflections> *
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