Questionnaire for Professional Musicians / Businesses who serve musicians.
I'm working on something to help pros in the music industry. In fact, I've been helping quite a few for the last 3 years.


1. You can answer these questions anonymously.
2. If you do give your details. I will never share any information you have given me.

I believe that if you are great at what you do you deserve more money and more time off!

Thanks so much for taking your time to fill in the questions.

Are You:
How many years have you been working in the business?
If you are a musician, what's your primary instrument?
Your answer
What best describes your business (choose as many that fit) *
Of the above, what accounts for the majority of your income? eg: Theatre Shows. 60% Teaching 40% Functions
Your answer
Would you like to change the balance?
If you answered yes.. What work would you like to do more of?
Your answer
What difference would that make to your life?
Your answer
Are you aged between
Do you regularly subcontract your own work to anyone (deps).
How often do you employ the services of others to do work FOR you? eg: Sound engineers, other performers...
Do you have employees on a monthly pay roll?
In a normal year - you earn...
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