Until None Remains - Beta Testing
We are currently looking for a small handful of testers to help us test the game before launch. Until None Remains is a VR Only Online Battle Royale game and in order to properly test the game you will need to have either an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. It is recommended you meet the general VR minimum requirements (i5 equivalent and GTX 970 equivalent), 8GB of RAM, and 5GB of HDD space.

Testing will be conducted during certain periods of time and everyone interested will be contacted to participate. Times are expected to be evenings US time during the week and afternoon to evenings US time on weekends. Communication for all testing will be in English and basic understanding of English is needed if you wish to participate.

If you are interested in testing you will be provided a Beta key that will unlock the game before launch. The key should stop working at launch. If you participate in 1 testing session you will be provided a release key as well as a small thanks for your time. To quality for participating in a testing session you will need to participating for at least 1 hour. You are then free to participate in any further sessions if interested. If you do not show up for any testing sessions no key will be given out at release. Once a Beta Key is sent you might want to spend 10-15 minutes in the tutorial as well and make sure the game will run before participating in a testing session.

Testing will be under media NDA restrictions so you will not be able to stream, record footage, or take screenshots unless permission is explicitly given. Testing might not be under the most optimal circumstances so we would rather not have footage getting out early. This includes recording footage during the sessions and releasing it later, no footage of the testing sessions should be released, please record new footage once the game is released.

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