Speech Transformation Research
Please take a few minutes of your valuable time to help us with our survey. We are using design thinking methods to create a business model for a technology startup in the field of natural language processing. This survey is part of the design thinking stage 2 - research.

My name is Sebastian Enger and I am the working on the technology startup "Project NLP".

Thank you very much for your help and your precious time!

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Please help us in our 2. stage of the design thinking circle
What do you associate with natural language?
What kind of solution, service or app would you like to have available in regards to language or language processing? You do not need to be rational. Please describe in detail.
Please describe your thoughts and feelings regarding this idea: a computer is translating/transferring language and the content of a complex lecture spoken by a highly educated scientist with a Ph.D. into the speech and language intellect of a teenager. The teenager then understands the lecture, that is meant for advanced students and classes.
Do you wish yourself better explanations for understanding of the content of books or literature in general?
In what kind of situations you would like to understand other people better or let other people understand you better?
Please imagine yourself that you have the power that every people on earth would understand you in full and every detail instantly. How do you use your new super power?
Please imagine if you were as rich as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and you could make sure that all people could communicate easier and would understand each other better. How do you solve this topic with unlimited budget in time and money?
Which areas do you find more important: communication in everyday life, communication at school/university, use of technical language (e.g. finance, crafts), in advertising or entertainment (e.g. TV, computer games)?
Please imagine that service providers on the Internet use new software. They can use this to create product descriptions for every website user individually based on the users intellect and language understandings. Please criticize this idea. What ideas or wishes come to your mind spontaneously? In which environment do you see this technological idea in use? What dangers does it pose?
Please imagine that a computer is creating documents in the form of text, pictures or videos. Please describe on how important it is based on your opinion to add sentiments, feelings, needs, intentions and expectations automatically by the computer. What importance do you attach to this function?
Do you see any added value if linguistically difficult to understandable documents will be translated so that more people can understand them? If so, in which areas would this be useful (e.g. lawyer, authorities, employment office, etc)? Please justify your decision in detail.
Please imagine that you are addressed on an emotional level during surfing the Internet. Do you react more intensively to this emotional address? Please describe.
Please imagine that a Computer is creating a document for you. Please describe on how important it is for the computer to understand you: based on content, based on emotions. based on language/linguistics?
Please imagine the following situation: you are talking to a stranger. Your smartphone is translating your language and speech in that way that this stranger is doing you a favor. Please describe your feelings. How do you use that tool?
Imagine you have super powers. Ever person understands you right now from the beginning of your conversation. Your super power: you instantly persuasive every person. What next steps are you taking? Why?
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