RIAA - USA Scholarship Process
The RIAA Program and Development Team is pleased to present the RIAA Scholarship Process so as to further encourage donors to contribute funds specific to scholarship needs of students to attend Ricks Institute, Virginia, Liberia.

The RIAA Scholarship Process and scholarship programs provide a systematic and defined pathway for alumni members, families and friends of Ricks Institute to confidently donate funds designated specifically for scholarships to benefit Ricks students. This process ensures accountability and alleviates you from having to spend time and effort on redundant steps.

It allows donors to use a streamlined, reliable and professionally managed process to more directly assist with educating children at Ricks.
If you are interested in establishing a scholarship through RIAA-USA for students at Ricks Institute, please provide us with information on how we contact you.
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Phone Number
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Points to consider in setting up your scholarship through RIAA USA
Scholarship purpose (Your designated scholarship can be):
- In memory, honor or recognition of a family member or loved one.
- For a specific project or towards a particular goal (example: The Reverend Alfred T. Max Davis II Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence, or The RIAA STEM Achievement Scholarship Award).

Scholarship coverage:
- Full ride (tuition, room & board, including fees / books)
- Partial or full tuition cost only
- Room and board
- Tuition, room, and board

Scholarship criteria:
- Need-based financial assistance,
- Merit-based (academic, special talent or combination - highest grade + talent / character)
- Specific to a program/activity specific (e.g.: sport, religious involvement),
- Specific to a student from a particular area (e.g.: a deserving student from a nearby village - Massaquoi town, Memey town).

Duration of Scholarship:
- Annual (Student apply each year)
- Multi-year (2, 3, 4-year scholarships)
- Multi-year based on Education Level
- Elementary
- Junior (7, 8 & 9th grades)
- Senior High (10, 11 & 12th-grade levels).
Please specify how you want your scholarship structured.
Name of scholarship
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Please write the purpose of your scholarship. This explains why this scholarship is being established.
For example - The Adam & Smith family is establishing the John Smith Academic Scholarship to honor the contributions and legacy of John C. Smith (JCS). John Smith was……………………….. He believed that………..
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Please state what the scholarship covers / how it is to benefit the student and how many students are being offered.
For example - In honor the legacy and contribution of John C. Smith, the JCS academic scholarship provides full annual tuition payment for three students from grades K4 – 6th to attend Ricks Institute
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Please state what criteria should apply to your scholarship offer.
For example - To become eligible for the JCS academic scholarship, each of the three scholarship recipient should be a Day student / commuting to Ricks from one of the neighboring villages within 10 mile of Ricks Institute. As the scholarship is need-based, it is provided to a student who would otherwise not be likely to attend or struggle to continue to attend Ricks Institute. Therefore, this scholarship is provided to a child whose parents has lacks formal education, is unemployed or menially employed (does tasks that do not require much skills and lack stature). The eligible student must exhibit an aptitude for academic success (passes the Ricks Institute Entrance Exam) and meet all other requirements to attend Ricks Institute (excluding coverage provided by the JCS scholarship).
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When would scholarship fund become available (given to RIAA)?
(For example - same date, each year. Note: for planning purposes, the ideal time for RIAA is by the 15th August for each upcoming academic year)
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General Scholarship Program / Timeline:
Step 1) Month Due / Target Date: 15 May or End of 5th Marking Period: Scholarship process is opened.
Student wanting consideration should complete scholarship application form and submit application form to Ricks Institute Principal’s Office.

Step 2) End of May: Application completion deadline.

Step 3) 15th -Jun: School notifies / email RIAA of eligible scholarship recipients

Step 4) 30th -Jun: RIAA notifies School and the student – through the principal’s office.

Step 5) 1st week of July: Student acknowledgement and acceptance of the award offer.

Step 6) End of School Year: Scholarship grants are announced during closing assembly.
RIAA rep & Ricks Principal present checks / plaques / certificates to recipient

Step 7) 15th July – 15th August: RIAA Rep submits scholarship check to School toward student’s expenses at Ricks

Step 8) 20-Aug: School / RIAA Rep submit receipts, photos, etc to RIAA USA for records / promotional activities (The above deadline is critical to enable preparation to the RIAA convention and soliciting of more scholarships for the benefit of more students at Ricks).
Facts & Figures (information from Ricks Institute)
Semester Expenses (Note: there are 2 semesters per academic school year): Prices are in US Dollar.

Fees: Registration - $75.00, Activity - $75.00, Medical - $30.00, Boarding - $850.00
Tuition (per semester):
K4 - 3rd ($160.00)
4th - 6th ($190.00)
7th - 8th ($285.00)
9th ($295.00)
10th - 11th ($300.00)
12th ($440.00)
RIAA Contact Information:
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