105F Self & Partner-Care Bodywork Class June 23rd from 2-4pm at Lincoln Park
Our Mint Room therapists have listened to feedback from students, teachers, and past workshop participants about common areas that present in yoga practice.

For this June 23rd class, we want to hear from you... what focus will help your practice?

Please take few minutes to fill out this short questionnaire. Based on your feedback, our June workshop will focus on body regions and issues that you feel are most important to you and your practice! Our goal is to have a workshop that is designed for and tailored to you. So, please take this survey and let us know... what Bodywork and Self-Care Techniques will help you the most?

Note: If viewing this survey on your phone, please flip to landscape orientation.

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Poor Range of Motion
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Neck-Upper Back
Lower Back-Hips-Core
For students who practice 26+2 Hot Yoga Classes... In which Asanas do you feel that these issues come up? (Check all that apply)
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